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Project Supremacy v3 – Dashboard and Plugin

Make your life simple.

Do you own or manage multiple WordPress Sites?

Do you manage any clients of any kind?

Do you do any type of SEO?

If you do then you already know that it can be a real headache &
time drain 
to keep that many sites organized, up-to-date and secure.

Whether you run a lot of your own or clients (design, SEO, management, etc.)
websites running on WordPress, PSv3 is something you need to consider.


Easy Installation

• Auto Installer

• Single Site

• Bulk Upload

Tagging & Filtering

• Tag and filter your sites by host & registrar with one click access to your login pages.

• Create any type & color of tag to view, organize and manage your sites with one click ease.

Plugin & Theme Storage

• Store your purchased or favorite plugins and themes for easy 1 click installation to multiple sites.

Click Updates

• Easily see when updates are available for WP Core, Themes & Plugins across your entire network and update all of them with 1 click!

Uptime Monitoring

• Automatic monitoring and notifications of your entire network of sites uptime.

• We’ll let you know when one of your sites goes down so you can fix it quickly and efficiently.

Google Indexation Checking

• Automatic “Google” indexation montoring.

• We’ll let you know if Google de-indexes your site.

Rank Tracking

• Track hundreds or even thousands of keywords across your entire network of sites and know where you are ranking in any search engine. Deployment

• Get your sites a coveted star rating in Google Results by displaying our Review Widget on your site to allow your visitors to leave real reviews.

• Access the entire database to easily build and deploy Schema Markup of any time to any of your sites.

Content Curation

• Order, review and deploy content from iWriter or iNeedArticles straight to your sites wihtout having to login.

Automatic Backups

• Set up automatic back up schedules for all of your sites

• Store your backups using FTP, Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon S3 or Google Drive

• Restore full site backups with minimal effort.

1 Click Logins

• 1 Click access to any of your sites Word Press Admin, cPanel, Host or Register.

Manage Single Site

• Manage themes, plugins, posts, pages, reviews, schema’s and all WP settings for any single site.

• No longer necessary to login to multiple WP blogs to manage all these items.

However, as we mentioned above PSv3 isn’t just a WP Manager.

It’s also an extremely powerful & feature rich plugin to help you get all the
tasks of building, improving and running a perfectly optimized website.

Take a look at what the PSv3 plugin can do!


 Search Engine Optimization

• Control your post and page SEO like a pro across your entire site.

• Facebook & Twitter Open Graph cards so that your social shares look like a pro did them.

• Webmaster Verifications to easily connect your favorite services such as Google, Bing, Yandex or Pinterest.

 Project Planner

• Plan out the SEO for every page and post like a dream so you can rank for the keywords you choose.

• Keyword & Competition Research built in

• Rank tracking built in

 Affiliate Link Manager

• Research from 3 Major Networks (Clickbank, MarketHealth, Amazon, more coming)

• Track Impressions, Clicks & CTR for all links.

• Insert links easily from Page/Post Editor

• Manage site wide links easily

• No Follow, Masked and Open New Window

• Image or Text links supported

 1 Click Easy WP Set Up

• Quickly set up new WP sites with just one click.

• Get rid of default posts, pages, plugins and comments

• Quick install of any plugins or themes

Remote Hide & Wipe

• Hide the PSv3 plugin from client sites

• Wipe plugin from client sites

Page/Post Editor ShortCodes

• Automatic “Google” indexation montoring.

• We’ll let you know if Google de-indexes your site.

Collect & Display Reviews

• Design the perfect review submission box and collect real reviews for your website.

• Display reviews on any page and receive Star Ratings In Google Search Results

Import SEO Plugin Data

• Import all settings from other major SEO plugins such as Yoast, All In One SEO Pack & Platinum SEO

EXIF Geo Tagging

• Add EXIF meta data to any images in your media bay.

• 1 Click Convert images to .jpg format for EXIF Compliance

How Many & What Type Of Sites
Are You Managing?


Save countless hours setting up new PBN sites with the proper plugins, themes and settings. Quickly add content without having to leave the dashboard to any of your PBN’s.

Monitor uptime and indexation status. Keep your sites updated and secure with just a few clicks. Quickly get rid of comment spam!


Do you mange other people’s website for them as a web-designer, SEO consultant, band manager or any other type of task where you must have access to tons of sites to get your job done?

Use our tagging and filtering to easily see which sites belong to which clients, where the domain is register and site is hosted, then work on them as needed.

Use our 1 click login access to access the WordPress Admin, cPanel, Host or Registrar for any site.

Monitor Uptime and Indexation for all your clients.


Launch & manage new Rank & Rent, lead gen or PPL sites faster than ever before. Track your rankings for the keywords that matter, keep plugins up to date and make sure things stay online.

Use the back up tool to make sure that if anything ever goes wrong, you’ll easily be able to install a backup copy of your site with just a few clicks!


Quickly and easily set up any type of Affiliate / CPA / Adsense site, and use the project planner to find, analyze, and plan the SEO for the perfect keywords for every post & page on your site & then track them all on one page!.

Already have a site going? Then install v3 on it and import your pages and post SEO to fine tune your on page SEO, add new keywords and increase your sites overall traffic.

Use the affiliate short code tool to manage and track all the links on your site. If you ever need to change every link for a certain affiliate program, just change it in one place and it will update blog wide. Track your impressions, clicks and CTR to find the best performing links!

Add brand based schema and reviews to your pages to increase your rankings and display stars in google to increase your click through rates.

There’s literally NO TYPE of WP site that wouldn’t benefit from Psv3!

Save Boatloads Money & Time On
Buying & Maintaining Countless Tools

You could literally spend over $1000/month to have all those tools available to you. But you’ll probably have another 5-7 places you’ll need to login each time you want to get a task done.

Psv3 does all those things and MORE…
But all in ONE PLACE & all for one LOW PRICE!

Check out our highly competitive pricing below and choose the package that fits your needs.

$697 Today
then just

$397Per Year
  • Manage Up To 500 WP Sites
    ($150/Month Value For Similar Service)
  • Track Up To 800 Keywords
    ($60/Month Value For Similar Service)
  • Scrape Up To 800 Keyword Competition Metrics
    ($19/Month Value For Similar Service)
  • Full Builder
    ($297/Month Value For Similar Service)

$397 First Month
then just

$47Per Month
  • Manage Up To 500 WP Sites
    ($150/Month Value For Similar Service)
  • Track Up To 800 Keywords
    ($60/Month Value For Similar Service)
  • Scrape Up To 800 Keyword Competition Metrics
    ($19/Month Value For Similar Service)
  • Full Builder
    ($297/Month Value For Similar Service)