Online Marketing in 2017

Certain Online Marketing Stratagems That Are Essential in 2017

As 2017 quickly breezes through online businesses are also quick to pick up the market momentum on sophisticated online marketing strategies that would boost business operations and bottom lines. This causes a strong market impact on all types of businesses in every industry where advanced online marketing strategies are readily adopted compared to traditional marketing approaches.

Online Marketing

Online marketing generates a relatively new concept of marketing and advertising that is to be more effective and efficient, although its outcome may differ from organization to organization. The myriad of factors such as amplitude, capital and work culture easily impacts the market demand of the brand and business offerings. More advanced marketing techniques are emerging to boost online marketing campaigns regardless of capital size and manpower.

Many online marketers are expanding their mindset on online marketing to adopt a wider view than that which is limited to SEO or SEM. As more dynamic online marketing techniques have emerged in the marketplace this year, online businesses would enjoy a myriad of sophisticated marketing strategies to bring in more sales and profits.

Online marketers must be innovative and aggressive to check out the latest online marketing tools and solutions that would propel them to the forefront of the market to leave their competitors behind. Trial and error marketing strategies are common today with the latest available online marketing techniques and tools for all businesses.

Business owners and marketers in 2017 can enjoy more of the market by understanding the more resourceful online marketing stratagems that would bring them into the desired market limelight.

Voice search

As technology progresses, voice technology is making waves with more consumers enjoying greater affluence and convenience in online searches and purchases. Top search engine Google itself loudly calls for a greater indulgence in voice call searches through a diligent search process that involves stringent updates in its search engine algorithm.

Business owners and marketers must be reminded that most online marketing strategies rely on proactive search protocols where voice searches are fast and efficient to be attractive. There is also greater freedom in the choice of preferred language by users, which makes the process highly optimized as a dynamic marketing method.

It is not surprising then that better SERP results are expected as mobile technology boosts the rapid growth of voice searches via smartphones around the world.

Niche Content Presentation

Superior contents are always in demand and top search engines make a beeline for these to accord higher page rankings on the web pages. With the strong support of Google on GIFs and videos in content hosting, better SERP listing is expected for the web business site. More web traffic is expected to flood the website where web users are attracted to the value-added and appealing contents presented. The bounce rate is expected to be lower with more conversions happening.

When a particular topic is searched based on text contents of videos, images or GIF files, web visitors are delighted with the best of optimized materials to appease their curiosity and desires. The search engine crawler checks out the website, videos and GIFs based on the relevant keywords or keyword phrases which are commonly keyed in.

Mobile Responsive Marketing

There is a distinct difference in online marketing strategies today in 2017 where the big switch from big screens to small screens is happening rapidly. Websites need to be quickly updated with responsive components and contents which cater to the growing number of mobile web users in the marketplace.

Aggressive businesses are generating more responsive contents to cater to mobile users with smaller display screens as the targeted niche markets adopt advanced technologies and related sophisticated devices. With more consumers accessing websites via smartphones and tablets, it is not surprising that web contents must be mobile friendly on a mobile responsive website. Hence, online marketing strategies must also adopt the changes to stay relevant in the market.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is likely to take on a more prominent position with online marketing in 2017 where the freezing mode would fizzle into oblivion very soon. Popular social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have activated live streaming where web users are able to check out the present scenario of the site readily there and then.

This is a highly dynamic concept in online marketing where web consumers are given first-hand updates at anytime from anywhere through the apt technologies such as faster Internet speed and more sophisticated mobile devices that can support online facilitations.

Live video streaming permits the constant flow of dynamic information that could captivate web user attention more readily and for a longer period. This feature is likely to be optimized with the advancement of technology in the coming days.

Influencer Marketing

Business owners and marketers could consider influencer marketing which is the new kid on the block in 2017. This online marketing approach allows more businesses to secure a better leverage on their resources when it comes to online advertising and marketing.

Influencer marketing serves to focus less on the direct approach towards targeted niche markets, but on key business leaders or influencers that are able to generate more web traffic for the business.

Content Density

Last but not least, content density serves to boost organic SEO services where superior contents would be accompanied by choice keywords without an overstuffing for the best of organic web traffic to flood the site. Such contents work to secure identified viewers who are potential business leads.

Content density refers to the ratio of page content to its page size where a higher content density for the web page is likely to rank better in the SERP list of top search engines. Higher content density draws the search engine crawler to the website more quickly for a higher rank.


As technology progresses rapidly, businesses need to be quick to catch on the latest online marketing strategies emerging to boost their business bottom lines and market reputation. Different businesses may enjoy different success rates with different online marketing stratagems adopted for different campaigns; there may be a need to adopt a trial-and-error approach to find the winning formula.

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